Bongo fury China Pig

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Bongo fury China Pig

Post by Zoundz on Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:30 pm

I'm very sad to have to announce that Pig left us yesterday Sad He was a wonderful boy, and did so well to get to the age he did with no real health trouble. His brothers left us a couple of months ago, and Pig still soldiered on. It was his best friend Captain being sick that finished him though, I'm sure.

We thought we'd lost Captain last week, and we've been fighting for him, and managing to really make a difference and bring him back from the brink, but poor Pig was so worried. The stress was evident, and he would spend most of his days curled around Captain's neck, licking him and nuzzling him, and just being obviously fearful for him. He then became quite chesty, and we put him on medication too, but it made no difference to him. He ended up with an eye infection, and we had just begun treating him for that, when he gave up.

Pig was always very sensitive. He was proof of why rats need company! He always loved other rats, and when his brothers passed away he became very withdrawn, and even quite snappy with us. This was totally out of character for him, as he's always been one of our best PR rats. We quickly managed to introduce him to Parker and Captain, and the three were inseparable from day one. Pig was over the moon to have friends again, and instantly his attitude to us changed too. He obviously couldn't cope with his best friend being ill though Sad

Run free Piglet, you were a wonderful old gent, much too kind hearted for this world <3

For him, the song he was named after:

China Pig - Captain Beefheart:

I don’t wanna kill my china pig
No I don’t
Uh man’s gotta live
Uh man’s gotta eat
Uh man’s gotta have shoes t’ walk out on the street
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Ell he was uh baby I want yuh t’ see
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Well I used t’ go t’ school
With uh’ little red box
‘n I used to have m’ pig go with me
We walked for blocks
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
His tail curled five times in uh circle round
It’s glazed
He’s got uh slot in his back flowers grow
My china pig be uh quite uh show
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Woe no
My china pig
I got him by the snout
‘n I takes him by the cuff
‘n I whipped out m’ fork
‘n I poked at um
Three hairs laid out on m’ floor
I remember my china pig
I fed the neighborhood
It was uh big neighborhood
Uh lot uh people liked my pig
One little girl used t’ put her fingers in his snout
I put uh fork in his back
I didn’t wanna kill my china pig


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Re: Bongo fury China Pig

Post by JinX on Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:50 pm

aww sorry for your loss Sad 

Pig sure was a beauty Sad 

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Re: Bongo fury China Pig

Post by eoghan on Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:42 am

Bye piglet. I remember minding you when you where a fuzzy ball along with the rest of your brothers and sisters


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Re: Bongo fury China Pig

Post by smokierat on Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:47 am

He was a lovely boy <3 Sleep Well Sweetheart xXxXx

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Re: Bongo fury China Pig

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