Rattie Diet and rapid weight gain.

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Rattie Diet and rapid weight gain. Empty Rattie Diet and rapid weight gain.

Post by revol.lover on Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:19 am

Hey there everyone,
Sorry I only come on here with problems, but all you guys are brilliant and a great support here for this first time rat owner! Smile 
Well basically we've been feeding our rats 'Reggie Rat: Complete Musseli' from the beginning (Along with some treats, not too often and fresh fruit and veg).
Both our boys are a year and six months (I think, we got them at six months old)
Basically, Thor has always been bigger (ahem, fatter) he stores food, eats first. So he's always been chubby. (we have a large exercise ball for them both)
Now, Loki has always been slim. Now there was some upheaval in the house (We were minding two kittens, the rats and kittens never came into contact but the second they came into the house, the rats hid and didn't do an awful lot until after the three days when the kittens went home). Our feeding regime and quantity has not changed at all.

So, Loki, out of nowhere has gained so much weight. He's almost as heavy as Thor, which he never was.
So, I am asking if :
a) Is the food we are using bad for them?
b) Could the stress from the kittens make Loki overeat?
c) Could there be a health problem where they might bloat?

Let me know if this is in the wrong section, I will change it, if it is.
Thank you Embarrassed Big Grin

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Rattie Diet and rapid weight gain. Empty Re: Rattie Diet and rapid weight gain.

Post by Zoundz on Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:34 pm

OK, it's not likely to be health problem related, so that's a plus.

The most likely issues are the food. I am afraid we couldn't recommend the food you're using, there's a whole host of reasons why, but it i honestly far better to make a mix involving good quality rabbit food (as it's free from meat proteins), and adding human grade cereal and fresh protein when needed. For boys of their age, they need less protein as it will help their kidneys in later life.

Do they use their exercise ball? I have often wondered whether there are rats that use them, as mostly, the way rats move/run is not really possible in one of the balls. However, if they do use it, then fine - but I would also try other exercises, like getting them to go up steps/stairs, and getting them to chase a feather wand (cat toy thing). I would also just feed less generally, scatter feed so that they have to work to find the food and avoid treats and things high in carbs and fat.


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