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Bongo Fury Wayne Hoobler :*(

Post by Zoundz on Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:18 pm

OK, this is an old one... but I haven't been able to post until now, been so busy and website issues have meant that accessing information like photos has been hard.

Wayne passed away on the 28th June... he was a lovely lad - a total character - everyone knew him as the loony who would stand at the bars, biting them ferociously at dinner time. Always suspected he may have had a metabolic disorder of some sort as he would eat eat eat and never gain much weight, and seemed always to be starving.

He was a friendly soul, but really had more time for rats, specifically his companion Dwayne, than he ever had for people. He'd be held, but really all he cared about was food. He came back to us as an adult with his brother when their owner decided to give up on rats Sad and we loved them both and hung onto them here. I'm so glad we did!

Will miss you cheeky chap Smile you were always a smile giver... run free at the bridge, hopefully it'll be like that scene from the Ghost Of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol - a gargantuan table filled with every food you could ever imagine <3

For him - because nothing suits him better <3:

Is it worth the waiting for?
If we live 'til eighty four
All we ever get is gru...el!
Ev'ry day we say our prayer --
Will they change the bill of fare?
Still we get the same old gru...el!
There is not a cust, not a crumb can we find,
Can we beg, can we borrow, or cadge,
But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
When we all close our eyes and imag...ine

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys!
What next is the question?
Rich gentlemen have it, boys --

Food, glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

Just picture a great big steak --
Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Glorious food.

Food, glorious food!
What is there more handsome?
Gulped, swallowed or chewed --
Still worth a king's ransom.
What is it we dream about?
What brings on a sigh?
Piled pieahes and cream , about
Six feet high!

Food, glorious food!
Eat right through the menu.
Just loosen your belt
Two inches and then you
Work up a new appetite.
In this interlude --
The food,
Once again, food
Fabulous food,
Glorious food.

Food, glorious food!
Don't care what it looks like --
Don't care what the cook's like.
Just thinking of growing fat --
Our senses go reeling
One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling!

Food, glorious food!
What wouldn't we give for
That extra bit more --
That's all that we live for
Why should we be fated to
Do nothing but brood
On food,
Magical food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Fabulous food,
Beautiful food,
Glorious food.


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