so what cage do you have?

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so what cage do you have?

Post by redrach on Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:23 am

I thought it might be fun for people to post about their cages.
So here's some info about mine:

cage: Savic Royal Suite.

holds:12 rats.

contains: 8 (4 male in bottom half, 4 female in top half).

pros: doors open outwards so I can get into the cage easily. the middle can be opened or entirely removed if you have one group of rats, or put in and blocked off easily if you have two groups. it's strudy. it's easy to clean out as the bases lift out and the opening doors make it easy to get into and scrub and move things about. bedding isn't easily kicked out because of a metal 'skirting' around the bottom. it's on wheels (with locks) which makes it easy to move around. There is a shelf below the bottom half for storage.

cons: sometimes my doors stick a bit. spaces between the base and edges means some bedding/poo can drop through to the boys below or from them to the floor. it's not a huge gap or a big problem, but it does happen. bedding on shelves etc is still easily kicked out. it cost £260. i'm inclined to GMR because I have the extra space.

pictures: I don't have any at the minute but will upload some in a few days.

other cages: I have a very tiny cage that my first two boys came in (gumtree rescues), I think it may be suitable for one rat but is just a horrible piece of ****. I have kept it though because it's alright for a hospital cage for one if it's only 2-3 days. I had 2 ferplast furets before my srs. I still have one in the attic for if i ever need to downsize or as a holiday cage or whatever. they're nice, but a pain for cleaning. And finally, I have a ferplast rabbit cage (not sure what model) it's a little longer than the furet cage. I got it (second hand & only paid postage) when we thought Albie had HLD and would eventually need a single storey cage. I used it briefly when Monk arrived but it's got poor access and is also a pain to clean.

cages i want & why: the srs was my dream cage and i don't imagine ever needing anything new.

so let's hear from you!
& feel free to add in any other details about your cages!

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Re: so what cage do you have?

Post by Zoundz on Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:24 pm

Might do this if I have time... Laugh I have soooo many cages! Most of which aren't in use!


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Re: so what cage do you have?

Post by Catz on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:27 am

I have a Savic Royal Suit now. Love this cage so much its not even funny Smile The easy access is amazing and cleaning it is a breeze. I dont know why I waited so long to get one (lack of money probably).
My SRS holds 5 boys in the top and 2 girls down the bottom and it looks so roomy for both groups. I tend to rearrange my layouts every 3 or 4 days just because its not difficult.
I did have a Furet Tower which is now folded up in the spare room. I cant express how much I hated that cage. It was cleaned out twice a week but still stank and never really looked clean. The grid pattern on the base ment it always had poo ingrained into it. It took about and hour or more to clean it as I had some flighty rats that were hard to catch and my back hurt when it was all done. I feel like that cage will never be used again.
I also have a large hamster cage used for a hospital cage and a cat carrier for vet visits.

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Re: so what cage do you have?

Post by Francois on Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:30 am


I got it on ebay for about 110 Euro (including postage from the UK & a stand for the cage) and recently ordered a second one (without stand) for about 70 euro


They come shipped as a sort of flatpack (no, it is NOT IKEA ), delivery seems fast enough within a week.

3 tiers, which means lots of room, its being advertised of being suitable for 3 large rats, but looks like it could handle 4 - 6 medium sized rats

It comes with a rather low steel base and a grid you can use , but I have removed it to give them nice bedding in the base (although the silly boys seem to like to sleep on the bare grid...)

It does come handy when you want to separate the tiers to isolate for whatever reason a ratty is the need arises.

The gridded bars are good enough to keep the youngest of ratties in and gives them lots of climbing action, along with the included ladders/ramps for each level.


You do need to assemble them. While it comes with a manual, due to the size, you may need an extra pair of hands. During construction it seems flimsy, but once put together, its surprisingly stable.

The low base does mean you will have to take the hoover out a bit more often, but cleaning seems no problem.

The 2 lower levels have inward opening doors, which did pose a few problems when I fitted in some toys and had to make sure the doors could still open. The top, however, opens up completely and gives good access.

The ramps seem a bit unnecessarily wide (rats can come up side by side), taking away a good bit of space for adding toys. For putting in the wooden chalet for the boys on the base level, I had to give the ramp a bit of a bend, but it worked out pretty good.

They judge is still out on the door locking mechanism (springed hooks) but so far, none of the boys have picked these locks, so time still needs to tell how they will stand up to the boys


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Re: so what cage do you have?

Post by GillianK on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:06 am

I have the Jenny Cage -

But want a bigger one so I can keep more rats.

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Re: so what cage do you have?

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