Hello again! Long time no speak ^^!

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Hello again! Long time no speak ^^!

Post by Shirodoragon on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:59 am

Hey guys!
This is more of a hi again and a coming back then a hello I'm new x3
Not sure if any of you guys remember me haha.
We had alot of moving around to do the past couple years and have finally settled!
We decided its about time we have the little pitter patter of ratties back in our lives :3
We have decided on maybe getting a Critter Nation Double unit as we are no longer
poverish students we can afford something proper for some babies :3

Do you guys have any suggestions of cages maybe? or where to buy them! I haven't
had much luck with places that will ship to Ireland. Secondly we are looking for a place
to adopt rats! We have been on contact with a private owned pet shop in Dublin city
called "Shaunas Pet shop" She seems to have very healthy happy ratties all the time
but we aren't sure where she gets them from (haven't asked her yet) Any of you had
any experiences with this shop? Smile

Anyways I'll stop rambling on! its great to be back! Grin Hope to have little ones pottering
about again soon! :3 Love

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Re: Hello again! Long time no speak ^^!

Post by Zoundz on Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:44 am

Shauna's is pretty famously not great I'm afraid, and sources rats from rodent farms mostly, some from UK mills. Not at all impressed - and would never recommend going to a petshop... always hobby breeders or rescue.

Cages wise, have a look at Savic Royal Suite? I think they may have them on zooplus?

Welcome back! Grin


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