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Post by Admin on Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:44 am

Rats love food. Grin It really is that simple! One of the most rewarding aspects of rats as pets is that they enjoy their food almost as much as us humans, and nothing is more fun than experimenting with healthy foods for them, and cooking for them, and watching them joyfully stuffing their faces!

At Bongo Fury we feed a basic mix of 45-50% Red Mills 10% Cool and Cooked horse food - added to this we use about 35% low sugar, low salt human cereal (Tesco Value is very good for this!), about 10% good quality dog kibble (We are currently using Arkwrights, but have used Vitalin Gold Menu, Wainrights, Burns and James Wellbeloved), and about 5-10% pasta - preferably wholegrain.

We also feed fresh food on a regular basis, Kurly Kale is a very good vegetable to use, but failing that broccoli, spinach, spring greens and most other dark green veg is good. Equally, rats love fresh carrots, tomatoes, fruits, berries... but remember to be careful with sugar levels, fruit shouldn't be fed too freely. Equally, orange is not great for bucks, so if fed, do so sparingly. Personally, I never feed orange, as there's so much else they can eat!

We make big mixes of veg and pulses and porridge and fish for our lot occasionally, they love this! I will make another thread for rat friendly recipes, and it will include these mixes - but basically, anything goes as long as it's healthy - the rats don't seem to mindthat sardines and apple aren't the best of culinary companions! ;D

There is an excellent book that all rat owners should have - The Scuttling Gourmet by Alison Campbell of Shunamite Stud (she also has plenty of articles on her website - http://www.shunamiterats.co.uk/diet.shtml)

Foods that should NEVER be given!!!
Carbonated beverages/fizzy drinks
Orange Juice and orange flesh/pith
Raw dried beans and raw peanuts
Green potato skin - also the potato if the skin is green
Avocado skin and stone - flesh is safe
Soya products for lactating and pregnant does (and young kittens)

Basically, enjoy experimenting with your rats, and if you're worried about any particular food, please, don't hesitate to ask. I may even do a thread for non rat safe foods at some point, if demand is high enough Smile



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