let's get this over with.

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let's get this over with.

Post by redrach on Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:07 am

So let's just get this over with.
Today I went to the local pet shop (BOOOO). Sorry guys but I buy my bedding there. Living in NI it's hard to get it elsewhere without paying £20 postage. But anyway, I don't really have to justify my actions.
We went to get the bedding and fish food. There was one little tiny male on his own in the adoption centre. So yeah, we talked about it & I got him. He's VERY nervous. Just got him into a little cage in the bedroom for now, until he settles a bit & gets used to me before introing him to the big men. They said he's 3-4 months. He seems very little tho, but maybe that's just compared to my big stinkers. So far he seems perfectly healthy ie. no sneezing etc. He's just shy & gonna take some lovin' to get used to us big scary humans.
Anyway, I know some of you are really anti-pet shop. Trust me, I am actually too. But he was on his own and I had room for him, and he was in the adoption centre so i'm not technically giving them any profit.
I'll upload a pic when he settles a bit. Hope you don't all shout Wink

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Re: let's get this over with.

Post by Zoundz on Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:51 am

No point shouting... what's done is done... but there are plenty of genuine rescues out there that need homing - not to mention you *will* be giving that petshop profit (mind you, buying from petshops that sell animals at all funds their behaviour and practices, which is why I *never* do)... there are always alternatives to petshops that sell animals - it's like free range eggs... just eat less eggs and only buy free range, there's no excuse to buy battery farmed eggs.

Anyway - good luck with him. Hope he's fit and healthy enough.


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