A Ratty Christmas

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A Ratty Christmas

Post by bikerwitch on Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:16 am

This is a Story i wrote based on a true story i hope you enjoy Smile

Laugh The Ratty Christmas Laugh

Twas the night before Christmas nothing was stirring not even a rat, but this wasn’t ment to be. Let me take you to a little town in Holland where there is story of a little rat called Gowron.
Gowron was asleep on the Window sill one cold Christmas eve when there was a loud BANG on the window. Gowron got a fright and nearly fell off the sill. Gowron looking out the window seeing a cat giggling “Oh its Fluffy, the cat from next door.” Gowron said “Oi you stupid cat you messed with the wrong rat”. Fluffy giggled some more and said “What you going to do about it you are a tiny rat and i am a big cat i will have you for breakfast you silly rat?” and fluffy stuck out his tongue and jumped down from the sill. Gowron jumped down from the window sill found a way out of his house and chased the fluffy into to his house and went in through the cat flap and then jumped on fluffy causing him to scream and me-ow very loud. Gowron said “Fluffy! You will rue the day you took my sleep away from me. Gowron wrestled the cat causing him to leap high in the air and landing on the kitchen fridge which he stayed there in shock for ages. Gowron sniffed around and to his delight he found the cats food and said “yum yum cat food my favourite!”
Gowron looked around the house and saw that there was a Xmas tree filled with fruit. He jumped up hi and climbed the tree and ate all the fruit. Then he saw some presents under the tree and climbed down to get them and sniffed around for the good stuff like the chocolate in the selection boxes. He ripped them open and ate the chocolate. He did this knowing when the cats owners come home Fluffy will get the blame for Gowron’s mess. This cat messed with the wrong rat.
Gowron heard some noises and scampered to the cat flap door. Fluffy came down from the fridge and headed for the tree, when the door opened Fluffy’s Owners came home from a night of drinking and frolicking and saw the ripped parcels and the missing fruit from the tree. They also saw Fluffy was sitting under the tree.
Gowron was waiting at the cat flap door to hear if Fluffy got into trouble. To his delight Fluffy did. The owners shouted at Fluffy and said “we gave you food there was no need to eat from the fruit tree! And look at this mess you ate the kids selection boxes you bad, bad kitty.” The cat tried to explain to them that “it was not me, it was a nasty rat” but they didn’t understand him as all they could hear was me-ow’s. Gowron laughed and giggles and said to the cat “that’s what you get for messing with this Rat.” he stuck out his tongue out and Scampered back to his house. Where he was greeted by his owner and was given bundles of cuddles for being a clever rat. 

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Re: A Ratty Christmas

Post by Zoundz on Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:44 am

Hehe! Grin Merry Christmas Grin Sounds like Gowron had one! Grin


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