hld: cleaning.

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hld: cleaning.

Post by redrach on Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:46 pm

So Albie's back legs are pretty much gone now, he can use one a little to clean his face, but it seems to twitch a lot when he's lying on his side (?) and he uses them the odd time when walking, they don't get into walking position, but he sort of uses them as balance a bit. Hard to explain I guess.
Anyway, I'm worried that he might get to the point soon where I'll have to clean him more. At the minute he rarely needs help with it, the odd time if he's had a particularly soft poo and fallen/rolled in it, or the odd time he wees on himself. Just now he's out on the sofa and he just lay & weed on himself. Cry I don't think he does it much, and if he does, he must manage to clean himself up 'cause he doesn't look too dirty.
If he does start getting dirty, how should I clean him best? I'm assuming water on cotton wool or a damp cloth? How often will he need it?
And the dreaded question, how do I clean his penis if he stops doing that?

Until the past few days I thought I'd simply have him pts when he could no longer clean as I'm not home enough time to clean him every few hours. The more I think about it, if he's still happy (and he def. is at the minute) I want to help him as much as possible and give him as long as he wants to be here.

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Re: hld: cleaning.

Post by Zoundz on Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:15 am

It's not too difficult to clean them, and often they get to enjoy it as a sort of 'hydrotherapy'. A sink with luke warm water in is a good way... just support him with his back end, and as much of him as he will allow, in the water and gently clean him with your hands. If he really shows stress or that he hates it (so far I've found they all seem to like it), then a damp facecloth should work instead.

Cleaning his bits is a bit more complex, but as soon as you know how it's very easy. You gently squeeze the penis out of the shaft (helps if there's someone to hold him as you do it - not that it hurts but it's difficult to do it, and hold him with only two hands!) and if there's any gunk that'll come out with it, clean it up and he'll be OK for a while. If it's very gunky, don't worry if there's some blood, that clears quite rapidly as a rule. Be warned about the smell too!


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