Homemade Shelves?

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Homemade Shelves?

Post by ashlingm on Fri May 11, 2012 11:17 am

I realise I've been posting a million questions lately...I'm just so out of the ratty loop I wanna see how you guys do things!

Anyway the cage I currently have has only 2 wooden shelves in it (with no ladders). I was hoping to add a few more wooden shelves and wanted to see how you would do it.

I was thinking of going to woodies and getting thick wood and sanding it down so its nice and soft and a lick of varnish to keep it from being damaged from urine. At the moment I put a newpaper on my shelves and then its covered in fleece (seems to soak up the urine, protect the wood and kind of keeps the smell down a bit).

Then I was going to put screw things in the middle of the wood and use butterfly screws to keep it tight and so it will be supported properly.

I've looked online for replacement shelves and they were either what I'm planning on doing (but far more expensive) or the really thin plastic ones which I know won't work with my cage (the support clips are too small for the bars..)

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