New Smilies!

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New Smilies!

Post by Lew on Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:27 am

Here is a list of the new smilies for the new forum.

Standard smilies:

:) Smile
;) Wink
:D Grin
:biggrin: Big Grin
:lol: Laugh
:P Tongue
:kiss: Kiss
:evilgrin: Evil Grin
:( Sad
:cry: Cry
:angry: Angry
:evil: Evil
:roll: Roll Eyes
:???: Confused
:cool: Cool
:meh: Meh
:shocked: Shocked
:oops: Embarrassed
:hearts: Love
:x Lips Sealed

Varieties smilies:

To use these, click the "View more Emoticons" drop-box on the posting page and select "Varieties".

:agouti: (Agouti)
:cinnamon: (Cinnamon)
:blue: (British Blue)
:russian: (Russian Blue)
:smeeze: (Siamese, red-eyed)
:bes: (Siamese, black-eyed)
:himi: (Himalayan, red-eyed)
:beh: (Himalayan, black-eyed)
:silverfawn: (Silver Fawn)
:champagne: (Champagne)
:pew: (Pink Eyed White)
:ivory: (Ivory)
:burmese: (Burmese)
:silver: (Silver/Black)
:chocolate: (Chocolate)
:blazed: (Blazed/Badger/Roan)

Please note that these smileys are the property of the Irish Rat Club forum and they are not to be used on other sites or forums.

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