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Post by Rattie_baus on Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:56 am

i've been wondering for a while why Emily is Soo much smaller than the other two who should be about the same age as her; then i stumbled upon a site which briefly talks about dwarf rats- it speaks of them like they are a variety- but it would be the same with other species wouldn't it- some forms accompany other effects and others are simply small?
i'm trying to get a good size comparison of them now- easier said than done with her though! even when shes sitting still there seems to be blurring!!

i'm making myself worried about it- since the day and hour i got her i've been joking that shes a bit simple; and the worst coordinated creature i've met (instead of jumping of things she'll climb to the lowest height... then just flump off it! to clarify- she Can climb (both up and down), but she'd rather just roll off the egde Confused
i'm hoping to god that shes just weird of course, but if there could be health implications i suppose i need to know what to watch for... Lips Sealed
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Re: dwarfism?

Post by Zoundz on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:02 am

I'd have to see photos - but I think it's unlikely that she's a genetic dwarf, more likely that she's just a little smaller than the others (perhaps a runt of the litter). If you can get photos I can perhaps say more.


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