Rats in Pet World

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Rats in Pet World

Post by NatashaK290 on Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:36 am

Earlier today I went to get bedding, food, toys and some other things for Tim and Scamp in Pet World. My dad and I were looking at the bunnies, hamsters etc. when I spotted a Silent Spinner in one of the sections, I don't know what to call where they're kept as it's not an aquarium, cage or tank. The walls are plexi-glass and some have a metal or wire-mesh door. There were only two rats kept together. I asked were they same-sex and the person thought they were female. Their bedding was pellets and I think straw.
I asked could I hold them and the person opened up the door and let me put my hand in. They were in the furthest corner. I reached in and stroked them. I went to lift the closest one, I put one hand around her back and sides with the other hand ready to support her back legs but she didn't relax for me to lift so I didn't lift her, not wanting to stress her out.

There was a poster of rat information on the back of one of the walls. I can't remember all or even exactly what it said but it went something like this:
I might try to escape so a wire cage isn't a good for me unless the wires are close together. A plastic rat tank or aquarium is a good choice. I love to play with you or can play on my own.

I'm going to be going back in later today. I didn't want to say anything to the manager then as I wanted to prepare what I was going to say rather than say a couple of things and then remember more things to say later.

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Re: Rats in Pet World

Post by Zoundz on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:11 am

Definitely take some print outs if you can - something from www.ratz.com would be good - tanks certainly are not great housing for rats Sad


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