Aquarius Thing Fish :*(

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Aquarius Thing Fish :*(

Post by Zoundz on Sun May 12, 2013 4:52 am

Thing couldn't bear being apart from her sister it seems... Sad

Thing hit about 6 months and decided she hated us - not sure why Sad she was always a hormonal bag of rage bless her <3 she hated other rats and us, but loved Rhonda. I spent a while thinking she was just scared of Thing, but I think as time wore on I realised they had a unique relationship, and Thing loved her to bits, and it was mutual too. After Rhonda passed away, poor Thing just couldn't bear it. She was eating less, despite being tempted by yummy foods, she would even let us handle her more happily (a sure sign she was depressed :*( ) - and I think hse was just pining. We found her on Thursday, curled up in her bed, asleep forever.

She was a beautiful girl - absolutely stunning to look at. She had a nice nature under her exterior - I know she did, she was wonderful for the first 6 months, but something clicked off in her Sad it was such a shame as she was shaping up to be a really lovely breeding doe too. I always feel I failed her a bit, and failed her breeders, Phil and Sue, by not somehow 'fixing' her - but I guess she was happy enough in her own way, she just wasn't like the others, and that's fine too <3 :*)

Run free daft girl, you're back with your sister, and hopefully happy...

This song suits her - and makes me smile <3

Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe:

I, hate the rain and sunny weather,
and I, hate beach and mountains too;
(and) I don't like a thing about the city, no, no,
and I, I, I, hate the countryside too!

And I, hate everything about you!
...everything about you!

I, don't like a thing about your mother,
and I, I hate your daddy's guts too,
I don't like a thing about your sister,
'cause I think sex is overrated too.

and I, get sick when I'm around, I, can't stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
everything about you, everything about you, everything about you!

Some say I've got a bad attitude,
but that don't change the way I feel about you,
and if you think this might be bringing me down,
look again 'cause I ain't wearing no frown!

I don't really care about your sister
F**k the little bitch 'cause I already kissed her
One thing that I did to your lady
I put her on the bed and she didn't say maybe
I know you know everybody knows
the way it comes, the way it's gonna go
You think it's sad,
well that's too bad,
'Cause I'm havin'
A ball hatin'
Every little thing about you!

Everything about you, everything about
I get sick when I'm around
I can't stand to be around
I hate everything about you


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Re: Aquarius Thing Fish :*(

Post by smokierat on Sun May 12, 2013 6:08 am

Im sorry to hear this Laura,she was one stunning girl Love i really dont think it ever bothered her in the slightest that she didnt like people tbh.Run free with your sister Thing,never seperated again xXxXx

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