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Rocksteady Tribble

Post by Tribble on Thu May 23, 2013 10:44 am

Today we have decided that, due to his massive loss in weight and changes in his behaviour, it would be best to bring Rocky to the vet and have him put to sleep.
It is a difficult decision, but we want him to have some dignity, and not waste away. We also feel that we cannot keep him comfortable for a lot longer.
I may be jumping the gun writing this, but I feel I need to communicate his trials now, or I'll not do them justice.

He is still alert and aware, but is uninterested in his food, has blood in his urine and is rather uninterested in roaming and self grooming.
His massive drop in weight (from 630g on the 7th to 255g today) and the continuing growth of the tumor, is what cinched the deal for us.
No matter how his attitude recovers, we cannot see him recovering from such a massive weight loss for any significant period; we are barely able to get him to eat though he will drink plenty, and after eating whatever little he does he will brighten up just enough that we could fool ourselves into hoping for him to stick around longer.
But that would be selfish.

It's time to let go of this wonderful little fuzzy. He was adorable, from the day we got him, to his last days.
Always much more curious than his brother Bebop, he would sniff you out, clamber up your arm, and see how good of a viewing post you were. As he grew from a silky, silver scamp into a musty, mild-hearted buck. Content to lie in the hammock, waiting for scritches and treats.
We will remember him as the fat, greedy little lad he was.
A perfect shoulder rat, not too fond of cuddles, but he would brux away when he got treats or just had a nice vantage point. His nasal scarring will make him the most memorable of rats; making little pidgeony noises whenever he got happy or excited. You could always tell Rocky's mood by those little cooings. His little smiley face as he frantically looks for the source of the treat-bag sounds. Licking your fingers, for all those tasty things long-ago eaten. He even let you know when he was done with cuddles by giving you a gentle lick, not sure if we accidentally trained him into that, but it was adorable and definitely welcomed.

We will miss him, but we want him to be happy; and he can't be happy as a bed-ridden young buck.
He should be running free, clambering about on forbidden surfaces, trying to steal any food that isn't his.
So it's time to let him go.

Thank you everyone for your support; I may not be much in the next day or so, as we will be organising the entire process tomorrow morning.
It's my first time choosing to end a life, and I don't know what more I can say, other than we feel it's for the best.

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Re: Rocksteady Tribble

Post by Zoundz on Thu May 23, 2013 10:03 pm

Oh guys Sad I am so sorry - he was a wonderful little lad so chirpy and happy Sad and am confident you gave him the best of everything he could ever want or need.

These sorts of cancersare mercifully rare, but absolutely heartbreaking :*( and the speed with which they strike is often alarming and upsetting in the extreme.

(((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) hope you both feel a bit better soon <3 you're definitely, definitely doing the right thing :*(

Run free Rocky - I know how much you'll bemissed. Go and find your brother :*(


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