Bringing Rats Over From UK to Ireland

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Bringing Rats Over From UK to Ireland Empty Bringing Rats Over From UK to Ireland

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:17 am

As many of you are aware, we are only too happy to bring rats over to Ireland from the UK - either from rescues or breeders. We thought we should set up some rules about it - to save anyone from hassle in the future. Smile

Rule 1. We MUST have contact details before we come over. I cannot stress this enough. If we don't have all your contact details, and any emergencies arise, then we are really stuck. We require: address, home phone number, mobile numbers, email address. This is primarily for the good of the rats.

Rule 2. We cannot turn back once we have set off for ireland. Cage space there is limited for us - and we MUST know of any problems that could arise before hand. Once we are on our way you MUST pick the rats up from us at the designated time and place - there can be no backing out - so be 100% sure that you can. If we are in a position where we are stuck with the rats, it leaves caging problems, and a return journey to the UK which can be terribly stressfull. This can also have a very bad knock on effect on the irish fancy. We are on a knife edge, being so new, and any mistakes at this stage could result in people not being willing to send rats over. I am a lovely person too - but when animals are put at risk by people not turning up, or deals being backed out of at the last minute, I can get very cross indeed. Just a friendly warning also that it is likely that breeders will blacklist those who mess around in this way - so be sure! Wink

Rule 3. Please make sure you have adequate cage space for the rats you are taking on. On the off chance that you are getting rats of the same sex, from different sources, with the intention of introducing them - please make sure you have spare cages in case they don't get on. Also if they are from seperate breeders/rescues, make sure both parties know of your intentions.

Rule 4. Make sure that you have arranged EVERYTHING with the breeder/rescue before hand. i can only deliver. i will happily sort contracts etc out, but you must be sure that everything is sorted or I cannot be expected to deliver.

Rule5. Payment for the rats must be made in full on collection of the rats. I cannot allow for low funds Wink

Rule 6. If you do want rats, it is your responsibility to speak to breeders and rescues and arrange everything - I will not, and can not speak to breeders/rescues for you.

Rule 7. You MUST be prepared to collect from Clonakilty, West Cork. We cannot travel anywhere else as we have torely on others for transport. If you cannot get to Clonakilty - please try to arrange someone sorting out a rat train from us to you. This MUST MUST MUST be organised in full before we come to Ireland.

Rule 8 If we have to buy a cage for the rats due to you not picking rats up, which is quite possible as we do not have cages available in ireland, then you will be expected to refund us in full. You will get the cage along with the rats, but we will charge you the 50 - 100 euro it cost. Wink If the situation does arrise and you are not willing to pay for the cage, then you will not get the rats, sorry to be harsh - but it's for their wellbeing.

In short you have a great deal of responsibility, to me, to the irish fancy, and most importantly to the rats. think long and hard before making decisions. Smile hope that didn't sound too heavy! Grin Unless everything is set in stone and mounted before we come over, we cannot do it - we cannot work on ifs and maybes. Smile



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