Rat Boarding in Dublin Required!

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Rat Boarding in Dublin Required! Empty Rat Boarding in Dublin Required!

Post by lc822 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:09 pm

Hello all!

I am looking for boarding for my two adult male rats in Dublin for a very short time. I can't find anything on the internet. Does anyone here have any contacts in Dublin that might be able to help? Any rat owners or breeders who would be willing to board? I need housing around Oct 18th for about a week. I can bring their cage and supplies.

We are moving to Dublin from England and aren't sure yet if we have a place and my husbands parents aren't keen on having my ratties in their home during the time we are looking for an apartment. This is why I am still unsure how long I will require boarding. My guess is a week, slightly more or slightly less?

I'm getting desperate! Please let me know if you know anyone who can help.

Thank you for your time! Kiss 


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Rat Boarding in Dublin Required! Empty Re: Rat Boarding in Dublin Required!

Post by Lanka on Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:15 am

Hi Leigh,

I could take your rats for a week, how big is your cage though? I don't have much room in the apartment and my boyfriend would never let me keep them in the bedroom. I have currently one 18-month old female (her sister just passed away) but I wouldnt put them with her together. Let me know.


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