Bongo Fury White Jam :*(

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Bongo Fury White Jam :*(

Post by Zoundz on Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:44 pm

My lovely Jambo is gone... Sad he was a wonderful boy, and apart from persistent snottiness at the end of his life, he was really healthy. He was absolutely fine yesterday afternoon, Grace and Eoghan were here and we were cuddling him and saying how well he looked despite the noise... and then last night we found him asleep in his hammock. Taking him for a PM today, he was 21 months, so not very young for a silver, but not great of course.

He was a lovely boy, very sweet natured and docile, cuddly and up at the bars all the time for cuddles. All three brothers were a lovely little team, who wowed people at PR stalls and were generally fab. Hard to think there's only two left - they feel like we've only had them a moment.

We stopped doing PR with them in late 2012 when we were checking them one day to find Jambo's face had gone all wonky. Just his face, one side. We presumed a mini stroke or similar - but it never affected him, he just had one ear ever so slightly lower than the other, one eye slightly squinty, and a tiny bit of an 'Elvis' smile. Made him even more adorable, as he looked like he was always smiling Love 

He was such a lovely boy, and we have his children and grandchildren to thank him for and remember him by.

Run free special boy <3

His song - White Jam - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

She serves me flowers ‘n yams
‘N in the night when i’m full
She brings me white jam
‘N I don’t know where I am
In the meadow she brings me
Like ah bee she stings me
‘N I don’t know where I am
Clouds clingin’ to us
‘N the sun lookin’ through us
‘N in the night when I’m full
She brings me white jam
‘N I don’t know where I am


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Re: Bongo Fury White Jam :*(

Post by GillianK on Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:26 am

So sorry, he was gorgeous! Run free Jambo x

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